The top 9 most unacknowledged sexual fantasies

Having a relationship with a person of the same sex

Making love on the beach

Making love on the beachStill on the theme of location, 37% of the French imagine themselves making love on a deserted beach. Nevertheless, between the sand which sticks, which scratches and which can infiltrate in inappropriate places like the vagina or the orifice of the urethra in men, it is advisable to be careful when wanting to realize this fantasy.

Making love in a public place

Making love in a public place31% of French people (men and women combined) want to make love in a public place. If some tried it at nightfall in the parks, with the curfew it is now more difficult to achieve, especially as the police patrols are more numerous. And we do not advise you to try in broad daylight when indecent assault awaits you.

Making love with a stranger

Making love with a strangerAlthough women may be tempted to make love with a person they do not know, practicing a sexual act with a stranger remains one of the of men’s greatest fantasies at 53%. A fantasy more difficult to achieve for more than a year now between the curfew and the closing of bars and nightclubs, it is less easy to find a stranger with whom to end your evening.

The threesome

threesomeThis is the number one fantasy of the French. Whether it’s to spice up your sexually routine couple life or to have fun with two people at the same time, the threesome seduces everyone. It attracts by the sensual hyperstimulation that one feels when imagining the different parts of the bodies touching, caressing and intertwining.

Domination and submission

Domination and submissionAccording to a survey by Harris Interactive, the fantasy of domination makes women dream more. 33% of them want to be dominated, 34% want blindfolded sex and 25% are for being tied up or handcuffed. Precisely, men prefer to dominate than to be submissive, yet some women also like to have power over their partner and wish to control him during the sexual act.

Being taken by surprise while sleeping

taken by surprise47% of men and women want to be surprised by their partner while they sleep in order to make love. However, be sure to ask your if he or she agrees and wake him up gently if you want to try the experiment.

Give several orgasms to his/her partner

Give several orgasmsIt’s a fact! Men like to give pleasure to their partner and that he or she is reactive to their caresses. They believe that they are the only instigators of the relationship in their couple and this is what pushes them to satisfy their partner at all costs. In any case, when the other is very excited, the man is all the more so and it flatters him to be competent in bed.

Having a relationship with a person of the same sex when you are heterosexual

Having a relationship with a person of the same sexIn this fantasy, you do not question your sexual orientation. It is quite simply heterosexual French people who emancipate themselves from stereotypes and open up to sexual curiosity. They want to know what it’s like to be touched and caressed by someone of the same sex. So, have you ever thought about it?

Watching two women make love

Another of the great fantasies of men is to watch two women make love. They are 49% to fantasize about it. Whether they participate or not, for them just the fact of seeing two female bodies intermingle and rubbing each other excite them to the highest degree. Often lovers of pornographic videos, they go from virtual to real with the erotic scene playing out directly before their eyes. They feel so privileged.

Summer would be the best season to fulfill your fantasies. Make love on the beach, in an elevator, with a person of the same sex or in a threesome… Will you give in to your impulses this summer?

It seems that summer is more conducive to sexual fantasies. Although you might think that making love is a good solution to warm up from winter temperatures, according to a survey, more than one in two French people (56%) make love “more often” during summer vacation. At the same time, they are 55% to want to take advantage of the summer break to “fulfill their fantasies” and 57% to “indulge their impulses”.


When we talk about sexual fantasy, we have to think of an erotic scenario. Realistic or imaginary, it expresses conscious or unconscious desires . For a long time, fantasizing was taboo. No one disclosed the lustful scenes playing out in his imagination. But sharing your secret erotic imagination can create a very powerful intimacy between two partners.

“Your fantasies don’t seem shameful to you? You know that he will welcome them? You can talk to him about them, without complex . In this case, he will surely want to share his fantasies with you. Do you really want to know them? Are you ready to hear them? To discover a side of him that is unknown to you? Also remember that while a fantasy can be exciting, it can sometimes become off-putting if you try to implement it in the world. real” explains Dr. Catherine Solano, sexologist and andrologist.


Absolutely not! Fantasies , like dreams, are unconscious, therefore disconnected from reality, surprising, sometimes even shameful or embarrassing (wrongly, because we have nothing to be ashamed of). But they shouldn’t be taken literally and just used to increase or maintain excitement. Do you fantasize about someone else while having sex? ‘ out of 10 people would do the same! And what does it matter, since it is with your partner that you take pleasure…


“Of course! The orgasm is triggered automatically when the excitement reaches a sufficient level” explains the sexologist and andrologist. To increase this excitement, there are several possible channels: caresses on the body and on the sexual areas, the vision of the body or the gaze of the other, the scent of their skin or their intimate areas, the exchange of words exciting, the general atmosphere, the movements of your body, and… the fantasies. The more you combine the stimulations, the more the occurrence of your orgasm will be facilitated.

Some people, men or women, only reach orgasm by appealing to a specific fantasy that serves as a trigger to trigger enjoyment. So why not spice up your antics a bit by realizing your fantasies? Are they part of the top 9 that we have drawn up for you?


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