Proven!!! A recipe for a happy marriage!

German scientists from the University of Surrey discover the formula for family happiness, understanding and home harmony!

After long experiments and observations of married couples from different social and economic strata of society, the professors of the German alma mater synthesize the following guidelines and teachings that every married person must understand and master.

piron-guillaumeHere are the ten rules for a happy marriage that married couples should follow:

1. Always keep one thing in mind

What does that mean?

Very simple – do not believe everything written on the Internet… especially if it is published on the first of April! 😉

Happy April Fool!

daniel-mcculloughIt is already clear – we have not prepared the ten rules for a happy marriage. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t try…


We delved into the old books, flipped through many dusty pages and one thing became clear – there is no exact formula for family happiness. German, Russian and Bulgarian researchers came to this conclusion as early as 1969.


tim-bishYou ask who is our source? “New book about marriage” published by Medicine and Physical Education. The book is published in the “heat” of the socialist system in Bulgaria and aims to describe and explain the basics of family relationships. It comes to the aid of young couples and families with communication problems, or at least that is the goal. The authors often run away from the main topic and stumble over socialist propaganda, which makes their advice a bit ridiculous and outdated. However, we have found many truths and good practices in this book and will now share them with you.

True during socialism, true today.

The children

Once a month“The first child caused a profound coup in the marriage. Not only because two become three, but because the vital needs of the newborn and the infant require urgent attention. First of all, the newborn makes its demands on the mother. It wants to be fed.”

“Some parents think that after the first year, the tyranny of the little one is over. Nothing of the kind. Two- and three-year-olds hear everything.”

“Thus, the first child really turned the life, the daily routine, the habits of the young mother in another direction. The second time, this confusion is no longer so great, and the third and fourth children grow up almost unnoticed in the family.”

Attention for the man as well

red-art-relaxation-girl“A young woman must open her eyes and break the magic circle that connects her to the children in time. If she notices that her husband is regaining his bachelor habits, that he only thinks and writes that he too often brings home documents, construction drawings, it means that it is time to invite him for a walk or to go with him to dance or whatever. and in other words, in a word, it’s time for the woman to take care of the rest of the lonely man, because the family is and must remain one. ”


Sex in marriage

Sex in marriage“The stimuli and impulses that excite our nervous system and ultimately lead to orgasm, to the shaking release, can also be caused by thoughts, olfactory and auditory perceptions, as well as by pictures or some plastic.”

Once a month

“How should women behave during the days of bleeding? They must continue their normal life (however, as we said, without sexual intercourse), to be protected only from special tensions, excitement, travel, travel by car and motorcycle. Husbands should keep a menstrual calendar so they know which days they need to be especially careful about. ”

Well, that was the wisdom of socialism. We hope we made you smile and forgive us for the loud and (slightly) misleading title.

allen-taylorIf you really want to learn more about marriage and understand how to withstand the years and challenges together with your partner, the recipe is one – talk to the more experienced. Our parents, grandparents have a lot to share and teach us not only about marriage but about life in general. Let’s use these days of “social distancing” and get closer to our families virtually. Talk to them, write to them, ask them about things in life. They certainly have something to share.