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La France, le franšais, et tout ce qu'on trouve des Franšais, je t'aime! Choose another?

News   {  14 June 2015  } Simplification
Alright, there is going to be a huge overhaul here at TM.net. I need a great simplification of things because I'm sick of my subdomains getting out of control. I have too many things going on at once and they're not all that fantastic anyway, so I'm getting rid of them and revamping everything. I keep saying this, but already I've gotten rid of that silly Questions page (that has just started to become another medium for spam), and I don't think I really need an automated quotes page, like I have now. I can just have a really long list. Yeah. That'll do. Hmm. Oh yeah, my photolog is so so so pathetic. I need to make a new layout and reformat everything. Sigh. I'd like to thank guys from TrustMyPaper that helped me write my paper on such a short notice, thanks, you are a lifesaver! The work never ends and time never stops!
{  15 March 2006  } Spring cleaning
I just went through my links/affiliates and cleaned out broken links. First of all, there are some amazing sites out there, and everyone must have a look-see, especially since mine has become so shoddy from the lack of updates. It's sad to see some really awesome sites go, but there was no fowarding address, so there's nothing I can do. If I removed you as an affiliate by mistake, let me know--I'm only human! I will probably go through once again and refine my list and get rid of irrelevant sites as well. Speaking of which, I'm doing a deep cleaning of my own and my hostees' sites. Hostees: if you haven't contacted me by now, or if you do not contact me about your space in the next few weeks, I will probably get rid of it. Anyone who has already emailed me is "safe," so don't worry! I just feel like there's a lot of dead space that I'd like to clean up, or at least redistribute to my current hostees. As far as my own projects, I think I'm going to end up deleting them just because of all the spam I'm receiving. I just have no idea how to prevent or get rid of it. And that's that. I realized a lot has happened in the past several months, so bear with me and my slow adjustments.
{  28 January 2006  } Craziness
The days are flying by like no other. Well, I can safely say now that the domain is in shambles. I haven't been updating and since I didn't have my computer nor internet for about a month, spam has ruined just about everything. My guestbook has officially gone kaput and deleted all my previous entries (grrr), so I have removed that and may possibly install a new (PHP-improved) one if there are any with spam protection. Also, I have to re-add all FTP accounts, so a note to my hostees: email me! I think I'll end up removing a lot more other things to keep it simple. In all due time.

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